Interior Signage


Glass portrays sheer elegance for most signing situations especially when used in conjunction with matt graphics, under-surface 'etch' effect films and mounted raised on a range of decorative studs. Supplied as standard in toughened safety glass or may be specified in laminated format for added durability. Glass may also be shaped, bevelled or polished for further enhancement.


Desk plates are an excellent means of conveying a message at a reception desk of a foyer. Available standard in SAA, brushed Stainless steel or may be custom produced in glass or Brass/wood. Extremely flexible for positioning without the need for permanent wall fixing, allowing for removal when not required. Freestanding signs are available in standard formats for budget applications, and may also be custom produced to suit requirements utilising any Hardwood, Brass, Stainless steel or glass for up-market effect.


A well established material for signs which afford clean, good looks and low maintenance for both interior and exterior situations. You can either go for the real thing or Stainless Steel Composite, which is a more cost effective solution. The composite is almost identical to the real thing meaning a more favourable option.





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